Gijón, a city to remember

Alicia Sánchez, alumna de 2º ESO A, nos comenta sus impresiones tras participar en la Visita al Gijón modernista:

A city to remember

Gijón is of the prettiest seaside cities you can find in Asturias. As it is very big, you will need a person to guide you along the passageways and the streets, across the squares and by the sea, pointing out some of the prettiest buildings that tell stories, about how the industrial revolution affected cities and changed the social classes system.

escaleronaThe tour starts in “La Escalerona”, one of the stairways that lead to San Lorenzo beach. This stairway is called like this because it is the biggest of all. It is specifically placed there because it was the nearest place to the train station, so that tourists could get to the beach and enjoy the fresh air from the sea.

Then you have to walk a little bit along Capua Street, until you get to San Agustín’s square. There you can see a, big and red building that looks a little bit ancient, yet majestic. This is one of the clearest examples of how buildings were built and how the different classes lived in them. Sigue leyendo


Somos Centro Embajador

Nuestro Centro ha sido escogido para ser Centro Embajador de nuestra Ciudad durante el año 2013 por la Oficina de Turismo de Gijón.

Desde este blog pretendemos mostrar todo lo que más nos gusta de la ciudad: sus rincones, sus museos, sus calles, sus playas…  y animar a gente de todos los sitios a que nos visiten.