Visita al jardín botánico

Emily Kreuzer (3º ESO), elaboró la siguiente crónica de la visita:

We were shown initially the calcareous rock formations and the taluses which are found in the mountains. This is a rock which is formed when it transforms into limestone.

Emily1Next to the rocks there was lake, and with a little imagination, you could imagine that you are on a beach. Next to the ‘beach’, we were lucky to see a pond skater (zapateros). In it, there were more plants and tadpoles. Salt marsh is also present there, which live there in the salt water.

Emily2When visiting the above place (photo), we were told never to buy a house in a dune because of the wind, as the wind will always blow the dune away.

There are 4 Barkers that were inside the glass but with an entrance. The 1st was called the ‘Cantabrian environment’ with Laurel inside; the 2nd consisted of a ‘Plane garden’ with some Olive trees; the 3rd was called the ‘Romantic garden’ and the 4th was called the ‘Atlantic root’ with Yew (tejo).


In the Botanic garden there was a famous river called ‘Peña Francia’. You could hear the sound of the river flowing and if you threw into the river some rocks, you could hear the ripples sounds from the water.

When you pass the river, you were taken through a Cantabrian forest that had meadows, bushes and trees. However it appeared that nobody was taking care of them, because they were growing wild.

There is a Tree called the ‘Common Beech’, which was full of green leaves due to the photosynthesis.


Here you could find a Holly tree and an Apple tree, where they took the Apples to make cider. They marked the apples with a machine in order to know from which tree the cider was made from. The reason for this was to know which tree provided them with the best cider.

The trees were situated in a pyramid shape. The top of the pyramid consisted of modern trees and at the bottom, other varieties.

At the bottom of the pyramid, there was a bath that was made of sheets of metal with holes at the botton so that the plants could absorb the water. On another side of the pyramid there were Pine trees. The teacher explained to us how the squirrels ate the pine.

We also saw a Uruguayan pampam grass, which was a plant that extends very quickly. There were also Lemon trees which were protected with cloths, to prevent frost or ice entering the tree, otherwise it will not grow anymore and it would die as they need warm weather to live.

There were also lots of trees planted along the entrance of the road. We also saw some Camilla trees from which Camilla tea is made from.

There were some Eucalyptus plants which are very good for your breath and also very good if you have a cold. You can boil the Eucalyptus plants, and then drink the boiled liquid water as a tea, which will help you to get rid of any cold within a few days.

There were also some Japanese trees called Pumping trees and also a very big pond that was used by the previous owners as a swimming pool. It also contained a garden house, used also as a changing room which was hidden away by some bushes.

We also saw a famous mythological snake called ‘Cuelebre’.


We also encountered a Atlantic root which comes from the north called a ‘Biomal Boreal’, better known as the Christmas tree. It had the leaves which were in a carved form because when the snow or rain falls, it captured very little water, however enough for their needs.


The plants are very soft, when you touch some of them they sting you or cut you. The reason for this is because they use this as a protection hurt from birds or other insectst hat try to eat the fruit.

I really recommend the ‘Jardin Botanico’ because you can see all the different variety and types of plants not only grown here in Spain but from all around the world. It is also very educational as you learn by experiencing and seeing the different habitats that these species of plants encounter.


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