The Atlantic Botanical Garden

Con el fin de preparar su visita al Jardín Botánico, Daniela Villaverde (3º ESO A) redactó la siguiente información:DSC_0004The Atlantic botanical garden was founded the 25 of April of 2003, with 25 hectares of collections and spaces of high interest. It’s near the University Laboral and the Cabueñes hospital.
Nowadays there are 30.000 plants and 2.000 different species. There are species that have been brought from the far south.  Special plants used by ancient healers in Peru who crossed to the old world for centuries.
It is organized in four main areas: Cantabria, the vegetal factory, the historic garden of the island and the Atlantic itinerary.

Each of these areas are dedicated to a type of plant that we can contemplate: the Oaks and beech trees typical of the Cantabrian where there is a abundance of floral  diversity, camellias and bonsai that decorate the garden what was built in the nineteenth century and belonged to the asturian industrialist Florencio Valdes, sniff the Quintana and  feel the freshness of the firs and willows of the Atlantic, and see the area where it represents the Earth as a big factory of nature that provides man of raw vegetables in the vegetal factory with different fruits.

The water is so protagonist like plants in the Botanical Garden of Gijón. Several streams, channels and ponds reflect the different colors of the flora surrounding them and make you feel cheerfulness and serenity. You inhale the freshness essences of the diverse trees and flowers. Meanwhile you are hearing to the birds singing and delighting with the charming landscape.

There you can enjoy a nice, quiet and very instructive day with the family or alone, where you can contact with the nature. Note that, among the scent of fresh pine and birch makes the botanical garden a magical place where you can get lost for hours.
You also can discover new vocabulary about plants and you can ask any doubt to the guide.
You can find more information about it in .



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